Glimpse of what you can see and do in Croatia

Your special ingredients of the original Croatian experience

We have thought well about how a person really gets to know the place he/she visits. It is not easy. Sometimes, you get carried by masses of tourists on the streets of so called top tourist destinations, and yet not feeling the real vibe of the place. A treveller keeps wandering if there is something really special he feels like he is missing because he just does not know where it is or is there anything of this sort around. Therefore, we invite you to read some of our top glimpses we have chosen to publish first. The plan is to go much further, prepare you for your trip to Croatia and possibly make your holiday a real new experience. If this information would be just 1% useful to ensure you have an unforgettable vacation, then we would know we have made some difference. And this makes us happy:)

View of Dubrovnik from Srđ

Obviously, when in Dubrovnik, the Old Town is a must-visit place. But in order to experience Dubrovnik in all its monumental glory there is no better place to go but Srđ, the hill that rises right above the city. At 415m it is easily accessible by the recently built cable car. If you choose to go by car be prepared for some tricky and narrow curves, but the reward is outstanding.

Zagreb Bundek lake

The Bundek Lake is a small lake located in New Zagreb that received a huge make-over a few years ago. Now it is a perfect place for kids who will adore the huge park with a bunch of toys to play with, their parents who can test their barbecue skills and teenagers who can choose between live concerts or simply hanging out in the park at night.

Visit Plitvice in autumn

The toughest thing for any true nature lover is to enjoy the beauty while thousands of other folks are snapping their cameras around them. If you prefer a more contemplative approach to nature, autumn is the best time to see these magnificent lakes and its world famous cascades. By that time the crowds are safely gone and the school excursions are less likely to spoil the nature in its purest form that Plitvice lakes offer.

Explore Kornati Archipelago

This group of 140 islands is truly an extraordinary experience. Located relatively close to mainland, it is a favorite of many yacht skippers because the visitors can feel truly isolated and lost in the surrounding that consist of very few plants and a lot of moon-like surfaces. If you find some of the islands names quirky, it is due to the weird sense of humor of the locals.

The world’s smallest town

Guinness Book of Records listed Hum in Istria, the biggest Croatian peninsula, as the smallest town in the world. Its population varies somewhere from 17 to 23, but the town hides many interesting historical treasures. When tired, try the locally brewed brandy humska biska for refreshment.

See the boat race in Neretva

Pirates used to control these waters. Nowadays, you wont be finding any Croatian version of Captain Jack Sparrow or Blackbeard, but there is a huge boat-race that honors the pirates that defended this area hundreds of years ago. More than 40.000 visitors gather in mid-August to cheer and enjoy this spectacular race that features old vessels.

A glimpse of Međugorje

Herzegovina, the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a beautiful, yet touristically unexplored region that features a combination of beautiful landscapes, rich nature and a lot of history. Međugorje, the famous pilgrimage site, is probably the highlight of the region with a rich selection of foods and services for the many thousands that visit it during the entire year.

Taste the wines of Hvar

Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island. The rich mediterranean nature, hilly sides and 2786 hours of sunshine per year make it a perfect spot for wine making and the local wine producers certainly used the rare natural environment to their advantage in the best possible way.

Music eco festival Terraneo

Terraneo is a completely new project that started in summer 2011, and it was a success right from the start. This music ecological festival is located in Šibenik – an area with magnificent natural surroundings that makes this festival a fantastic combination of eco-awareness whilst hosting a list of well-known music performers. To name a few: Janelle Monae, La Roux, Nouvelle Vague, Overflow, Stillness, the National, the Bambi Molesters, the Fall, the Thermals. Make sure you are here the next year!

Frescoe paintings in Isria – a hidden treasure

Istrian little churches hold a magnificent historical and artistic treasure, that has gotten more public attention lately, especially since the Istrian County published a study based on this remarkable heritage.